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Yummy Mug Cakes Worth Making

Cakes baked in a mug, brilliant. Make individual servings with these delicious recipes.

Halloween Hacks

Use these spooky and silly ideas to trick out your house and Halloween party. These fun ideas will create the coolest and most memorable party or home display.

Mason Jar Crafts for the Summer

Mason jars can be used for just about anything.  Get crafty with those left over, empty jars and create something awesome.  Have fun with these summer projects.

Fun with Paper Towel Rolls

Don’t throw away paper towel rolls, get crafty and give them new life.  There are so many ways to party, craft and decorate with them.  Here is a great collection of ideas to help you get started.

Perfect Flower Pots for Your Porch

Dress up your porch with color and beautiful arrangements by adding the perfect flower pots.  Choose a fun or fancy container and get planting to beautify your outdoor spaces.

Easter Wreaths Full of Pizazz

Decorate your door with style and pizazz using these darling designs.  Think outside the box and craft something of your own for any space.

Fun Things To Do On Your Trampoline

Trampolines can be a blast.  I have absolutely loved having one in my yard.  It keeps the kids busy and entertained at all measures.  It doesn’t matter how young or old the kids or adults are, everyone loves the tramp.  Make even more memories on your trampoline by using all these fun and exciting games and activities.

Low Maintenance Flower Beds

Yards can be overwhelming, but by planting the right flowers, you can avoid having to work too hard.  These low maintenance plants will keep your yard looking fabulous with very little labor.

Family Reunion Games and Activities

Celebrating special occasions with large numbers can be a challenge.  By offering lots of fun activities and games, everyone will stay entertained and get to know one another better.  It’s a bit of an ice breaker for those who haven’t seen each other in a while, especially kids.  I know mine are a little reserved and overwhelmed when we show up to family reunions and there are a lot of unfamiliar faces.  Sports and activities bring everyone together and get people playing with each other.

Super Bowl Tackling Fuel

Fuel your team with these delicious recipes.  They’re tasty and everyone will enjoy a bite!