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Mason Jar Crafts for the Summer

Mason jars can be used for just about anything.  Get crafty with those left over, empty jars and create something awesome.  Have fun with these summer projects.

Fun with Paper Towel Rolls

Don’t throw away paper towel rolls, get crafty and give them new life.  There are so many ways to party, craft and decorate with them.  Here is a great collection of ideas to help you get started.

New Uses for Old Things

Re-use and repurpose with these amazing tips.  They’ll help keep you organized on a dime.

Plastic Wrap Hacks You Should Know

Who knew plastic wrap could be so universal and helpful.  Tryout these tips and tricks to keep things nice, protected and organized.

Laundry Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Laundry day is the worst day of the week for me, no FUN, but I’ve discovered some great tips and tricks to help ease the pain.  Besides these hacks, I’ve started placing everybody’s clothes in individual hampers so that I’m not putting ALL the clothes away myself.

Brilliant Ways to Organize Kids Stuff

Kids can be messy with all their toys, games and activities.  Keep their stuff organized with the brilliant tips and tricks.

Fun with Duct Tape

10-fun-duct-tape-projectsGather up some fun and festive duct tape and get crafting…

Recycled T-Shirts

7-t-shirt-projectsDon’t throw away those old t-shirts, give them new life with these awesome designs.

Car Hacks

7-car-hacks-2A messy car makes for an unorganized and crazy travel.  Here are some great tips and tricks to keeping your car in tact so that your journey around town is more peaceful.

Tricky Bandanas

9-bandana-projects-2Bandanas are classic and cool all in their own way.  Get crafty and decorate your home and spaces with these fun projects.